Our Services

Spray Calibration And Analysis

Prokheti Technologies, is proud to be the first Indian Company to provide services related to Spray Calibration and spray Analysis for farmers and applicators who need it most. This service has been conceptualized as a solution to the various accidents that cause thousands of farmer deaths due to improper use of chemical pesticide and severe economic losses due to uncontrollable pest infestations.
Prokheti has below two farmer centric services that help us attain the objectives

Spray Consultancy Seminar

Spray consultancy seminar is a platform for interacting with some of the best known global and national names in spray application field and learning by doing. The attendees are given basic and advanced training on most critical aspects of operating spray machines and knowing what’s new in spraying.
Ideally suited for agriculture, food and chemical companies who want to train their front line staff on matters related to spray efficiency, effectiveness, residue management, drift management and much more. These seminars are

Custom Spray Application

Now a farmer need not worry about the spray applications in their farms. Our team will come with right equipment on right time and will do the job for you in a most efficient way.
Our team of spray applicators are best equipped with modern spray tools, correct technique and required skills to make your on-field pesticide and fertilizer application as a never before experience.

Licensing And Training For Spray Applicators

Spray application is a risky job and due to related health and safety hazards it is recommended that a spray applicator must be trained and licenced for carrying out the job. We at Prokheti, strongly believe that there is much more we can do to train farmers and applicators to protect them from application related accidents.

Prescription Mapping And Variable Rate Application Services

We provide customized solutions and world class equipment for Variable Rate Application as per the prescription maps. This is best done on project basis, for more details please contact us.

Annual Maintenance Contract For Spray Equipment

A sprayer is the most abused equipment and is most critical to keep it running in good shape during the spray season. A break down at odd time and odd place may lead to serious economic losses.
“Prokheti Kavach” is a unique AMC plan that not only checks that the spray machine is well kept and is ready to use but also services the pump, calibrates the nozzles and makes sure that applicator does not suffer any man hour losses when the machine is required most.
This is a subscription service and the plans are customised as per equipment and crop geography.

Prototype Development And Spray Customization Services

As a special service for research organizations, chemical companies and equipment companies we develop and design the desired prototype of equipment that can be useful in spraying in Indian conditions. This often requires to arrange for special parts sourced from world class global suppliers and their customisation as per need in house. We cater to this case to case and project basis.