Spray Application Machines

Special Backpack Sprayers and Trolley Sprayers for small farmers

Available in a number of sizes, our sprayers are either powered by hand, by rechargeable battery, or motor – making our products suitable for small and marginal farmers. All sprayers are equipped with Pre calibrated quality spray nozzles.
Our handheld, trolley and backpack units are ergonomic and lightweight, whilst our mountable or trailer units offer the robustness and capacity you need to take care of those larger jobs. Indeed, no matter what job lies ahead – whether that be spot spraying, treating large areas with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or high-pressure cleaning – we have the sprayer for the job.
There really is no better place to turn to for reliable, long-lasting and high performing sprayers. ProKheti is A brand you can rely on!

High Clearance, Self-Propelled Boom Sprayers cum spreaders

Prokheti Self Propelled Sprayer combines versatility, productivity, and affordability in a 600 litre sprayer. It delivers the smooth ride required for long days in the field. With 600 litre solution capacity and 12 meters of sprayer width, equipped with Fertilizer spreader, the sprayer lets you cover 7-11 hectares per hour, all packaged in a comfortable, manoeuvrable package.
It is designed for wider range and coverage of crops to spray all types of pesticides, weedicides and fungicides.
It uses diagram pump for pumping water to the tank, the inlet water tube is equipped with filter unit; the pipeline control unit has functions like filtration and stabilizing pressure. While working, small quantities of pumped chemical has flowed back to stir, most of the high pressure chemical has passed the pipeline control unit to left center right nozzles for spraying.
Please contact our team for more details and business partnerships.

Aerial Spraying Drones

No matter the shape of your field, the type of crop, PKT Aerial Spraying Drone will get the job done. Our Drone sprayers, provides real time observational technology to generate insights on water management, disease prevention and even warn you about potential problems and therefore provide you with healthier crops and bigger yields.
The cost effectiveness of, PKT Aerial Spraying Drone makes it a great option in the market, making it approachable to all size farmers providing the highest accuracy available and more accurate than traditional spraying, without any toxic fumes. We are open for any discussion on partnerships for this product line.