Spray Calibration And Analysis

Spray Service Camps

Prokheti regularly organizes localized “Spray Service Camps” that are attended by equipment owners and applicators for servicing their equipment and enhancing spray application knowledge by interacting with our experts. These camps are organized before the spray season and is a good opportunity to calibrate and check the readiness of spraying equipment for the season. For more details, contact us.

Spray Clinics for farmers

In a Spray Clinic a farmer walks in with a “Spray” problem and Prokheti Spray Masters make sure that he gets a solution to all his needs ranging from issues related to Drift , Coverage, nozzle selection, Droplet size and Flow monitoring or it may be as simple as right or wrong methods of spraying.
Spray clinic is all about gaining most out of the application expertise of Prokheti Spray Masters when you require it and where you require it